Detail and minutiae

The matters of detail dealt with at Parish Council meetings would, I am sure, surprise many. We don’t attempt to report them all in this column (and would you want to read about them?) but as an example here are the items dealt with at the May meeting. Road repairs and numerous individual potholes, litter, fly-tipping, speeding traffic, crime figures and specific crimes, sandbags, flooding and the maintenance of streams, drainage, traffic from the industrial estate, the Commons Act 2006, planning applications and decisions, the Local Development Framework, new facilities for children (Parish Go Extreme project), maintenance of street lighting, a telephone wire, repairs at the recreation ground, fences, picnic tables, nettles in the Millennium Copse, replacement of notice board, local bus services, payments to Clerk, Village Warden and five contractors, statement of accounts and annual return and assorted official correspondence. That someone does all this stuff for us makes a difference. By the way, Parish Councillors may want me to add that they receive no payment, don’t claim expenses and are not eligible for a second homes allowance!

Arrests made

Police officers reported that three arrests had been made as a result of a report of suspicious activity made by a local resident on 25th April. The vehicle concerned was stopped later in the day. Two car number plates had been stolen in Wilstone recently, and the police advice is to fix number plates with special security bolts which can be bought at car accessory shops.

Drainage dig reveals all

Exploratory digging to find the lost drains of the Long Marston recreation ground has produced a result, reported Cllr. Mike Tomlinson. Sadly no Saxon hoard or Viking pirate treasure was uncovered by the excavator, but broken drain pipes were revealed, so that’s something at least. The drain does exist, but it’s lost the facility to flow. A contractor will be engaged to replace the length which drains the bottom end of the playing field, and connect it once more to the good bit which was examined in the first exploration.

Stop the drop

Cllr. Jill Finlan said that fly tipping is a serious problem in this area, with Astrope Lane being particularly vulnerable because it is so isolated. Many villagers walk their dogs in the vicinity of Astrope Lane, and she urged them to be on the alert for suspicious activity, particularly vans stopped in the lane. Details of vehicles seen fly tipping should be reported to the police. The problem is costing council tax payers a lot of money. Recently eight tons of fly-tipped rubble had to be removed from Tring Road, Wilstone, by Dacorum Borough Council.

Free fix for BMX track

The deliberate damage to the BMX track at Long Marston (reported in the May edition) is to be repaired. Local resident David Jenkinson has offered to make the repairs free of charge. Councillors were grateful for his offer and agreed that the BMX track was a well used facility which now fitted well into the recreation ground.

Traffic action

ATTEMPTS by the Parish Council to get the highways authorities interested in a traffic calming scheme for Cheddington Lane, Long Marston, have met with official indifference. Apparently there are no recorded accidents or injuries for that stretch of road, though all at the meeting agreed that speeding traffic is a real danger in the narrow lane, and several cases of ‘near misses’ were quoted. Police officers at the meeting agreed that it was difficult to get evidence of speeding there because the lane is so narrow there was no room to set up the camera van. But the officers agreed to book the portable ‘speed gun’ and have a go. Other suggestions that will be followed up are an automated traffic survey, which also records the speed of vehicles, and a flashing ‘slow down’ sign. Councillors were annoyed by the unhelpful highways authorities and agreed to ask the local MP, David Gauke, to help them get a sensible response.

Bulky item collection

The Council run a collection service for bulky items ie; sofas, beds fridges etc

  • 3 items £20 ( ½ price with Dacorum card)
  • 6 items £30.

To book the service ring 01442 867858 (payment taken over the phone). Collection day is a Wednesday. Other rubbish (including tyres) can be taken to Tring tip Open 8am – 4pm 7 days a week.

Continuity council

THERE was no change of responsibilities at the annual meeting of Tring Rural Parish Council held on 20th May. Cllr. Mike Tomlinson was voted chairman, Cllr. Chris Griffiths will continue as vice-chairman, and Cllr. Abby Fermont as chairman of planning. Cllr. Alan Winfield is the council’s representative on the Long Marston village hall committee, with Cllr. Peter Foster on the Wilstone village hall committee. Cllr. Jill Finlan will lead on Rights of Way, Cllr. Nick Murrell on highways matters, and Cllr. Kim Death on Tring Charities.