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Grand Union Canals

During the 18th century the whole country became affected and permanently changed by the industrial revolution.Coal became necessary to drive industrial machinery, heat homes and produce gas lighting. Coal and the products of industry had to shifted about the country and particularly to the docks. (more…)


Long Marston

The original church of Long Marston was to the west of the village, at the end of chapel lane and was pulled down except for it’s embattled tower, in 1883. The church probably dates back to the twelfth century but when it was pulled down the oldest remaining part was from the 14th, century consisting of a Nave, Chancel, south porch and west Tower. (more…)

Ancient History

One of the hardest things to find out about an area is when the first settlements arrived, when our part of the world became home to someone. Nothing has been found in Long Marston to suggest settlers were here before the first century AD. This does not necessarily mean that the land in our area was not inhabited before this, it’s just that no evidence remains or we haven’t found it (perhaps we just haven’t got the technical know-how yet). However, from settlements found elsewhere in Britain it would appear that this is the normal state of affairs for around this area – not much was going on – perhaps this just wasn’t “The” place to be. (more…)